Sulli’s Landscaping Services in Denver Colorado

Water conservation is important in cities like Denver and the surrounding areas where water cost can be expensive.  If you would like a landscaping solution that looks beautiful, is low-maintenance, and requires less water than standard lawns, xeriscaping is the eco-friendly choice for you!  Drought-resistant plants, grasses, and trees can be installed to create wonderful landscaping suitable to the Denver area climate.  The appropriate soils and use of mulch are also important to correctly xeriscape your property, but Sulli’s is the professional, experienced company that can provide you with amazing results! Contact us today to discuss the xeriscape options we offer!

Retaining walls are an excellent choice for landscapes that are steep, small, or difficult to cultivate.  Retaining walls will break up the space and allow you to create landscape designs that are both appealing and functional!  We can mix-and-match various stone-type of materials to create architecturally beautiful designs that will blend well in your natural landscape.  Retaining and decorative walls can create space for separate planters, areas of your yard, gardens, or simply visual interest. Retaining walls are also very functional and are essential on certain properties.  They prevent soil erosion, prevent flooding and mitigate water overflow. We can start your design right away! Call us to schedule a consultation.

Patios complete your outdoor space with an area for entertaining, grilling, relaxing, and more!  Patios increase the living space of your home and are a wise investment for every homeowner.  Material choices for your patio are vast!  Brick, flagstone, slate, concrete, and stylized pavers can be selected to create decorative designs or just a simple patio.  Sulli’s will assist you in designing your patio, selecting the material choices, installing your patio, and maintaining your patio if necessary.  View our gallery of patios and contact Sulli’s for a project consultation and quote on your new patio!

Water features can be a serene, calming, and beautiful addition to any landscape.  Ponds, water fountains, and waterfalls can be incorporated into your landscape to provide visual interest and style to your property.  Many of these features require very little to no maintenance depending on the design and depth of you water feature.  The water used by most installations is recycled throughout the feature, so the water usage is limited.  Sulli’s can design, install, and maintain your water feature, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!  Sulli’s can also winterize your water features if needed, so you can be sure that it is properly cared for! See our Gallery for Ideas!

Hardscapes can provide and attractive, low-maintenance solution for your property.  Whether you would like stone walkways, rock accents, or decorative pieces, Sulli’s can help you decide what will work best for your property and budget!  Hardscape design and installation can be incorporated into the overall greenspace and landscaping plan to create a perfect oasis in your yard.  Create a backyard space that you will enjoy for years to come.  Sulli’s will provide you with a quote on your project and can help you decide what will work to meet your style and needs!  Contact us today.

Sullis’ is your one-stop-shop for all of your landscaping services Denver design and installation needs.  Professional landscaping will not only improve the aesthetic look of your property, but will also increase property values.  Whether you are at the beginning of your landscape project and would like a complete landscaping design for a new or existing property, Sulli’s can do it all.  Our custom landscape designs can include a planting variety of trees, grasses, flowers, hardscapes, sprinkler systems, lighting systems, soil assessments, sod installation, weed control, aeration, and more!  Contact us for more details!

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